S2Sprint download

Version 1.1
Release date 07.09.2023
Supported OS Windows 7Windows 8Windows 8.1Windows 1032/64 bit

Updates & Changelog

Version : 1.1

Release date: 07.09.2023

  • Fix Bug

Version : 1.0

Release date: 18.07.2023

    • JANUARY-2023
    • FEBRUARY-2023
    • MARCH-2023
    • APRIL-2023

    • Added support for Android 13, Android 12, Android 11, Android 10 (ALL SW Versions, ALL BITs) on ALL Supported Models:
    ​SM-G960U SM-G965U SM-N960U SM-G715U SM-G781U
    SM-G970U SM-G973U SM-G975U SM-G977P SM-N970U SM-N975U
    SM-G981U SM-G986U SM-G988U SM-N981U SM-N986U
    SM-G991U SM-G996U SM-G998U
    SM-A037U SM-A102U SM-A205U SM-A426U
    SM-A505U SM-A515U SM-A516U SM-A526U SM-A716U
    SM-A136U SM-A326U SM-T227U SM-T307U SM-T867U
    SM-F700U SM-F707U SM-F900U SM-F916U
    • Removed Manual Model Selection, It's all automatic Now!
    • Notice : A015U, A115U, A215U, A025U, A125U With AUGUST 2021 & LATER SECURITY are not supported at the moment!
    • Notice : Android 8, Android 9 with AUGUST 2021+ security are not supported at the moment!

    Installation instructions

    The S2Sprint is a simple and comprehensive application which can be used after just a quick installation. We’ve minimized the set-up process, so additional drivers and any necessary files needed will be downloaded automatically only when a particular process requires them. The operation of the S2SprintTool does not require any previous skill or training - beginners are more than welcome! You can find the complete installation instructions right here.

    Software security results

    Our users are at the core of everything we do and ensuring that we provide our users with a safe environment is ever so important. In this day and age cyberattacks and viruses that target computers and mobile phones have unfortunately become a prominent threat we have to face daily. So, to make sure that our software is secure we regularly submit our application to be tested by an independent verification site. On this site you can see how our tool was rated by the world’s most renowned anti-virus programs.